About us

Hi there,

So I'm guessing the reason you're here is to find out exactly what we do here at CleanDentist.com.au, and that is no problem at all, I will explain in detail what were going to achieve here. So it is our mission to allow everyone in Australia the ability to simply enter their suburb and then be presented by the best dentist in their area.


People might query our method of determining which dentist is the 'best'. I am building this website on trust and integrity and will happily reveal the process we go through to examine the best dentist. So the first step is starting of with a list of all qualifying dentists in that particular area. Then we do our research on each one, we crawl through many websites and online reviews in an effort to hand pick what we believe to be the best one for you the user. The factors we use to determine which dentist is the best for our visitors are customer testimonials, repeat customers, loyal customer bases, good customer care with good response time, reasonable pricing, experienced staff, skilled staff and good opening hours.

Which ever dentist excels the most in each of these areas is the one we determine to be the best for our users and that is the one that will be displayed for that particular area. We also encourage anyone with any experiences with their local dentist(good or bad) to share it with us so we can have as much information as possible when ensuring we have made the correct selection.

Thanks for reading and if you have any more questions about our process's, systems or models please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact us page. We actually look forward to feedback/questions from our users.


Enjoy our services and thanks from everyone here at the Clean Dentist team